GARDEN SALAD                               2.99

Lettuce, carrots, purple cabbage, tomatoes and green pepper.                        
CHEF SALAD                                    4.39

Ham, turkey and mozzarella added to garden greens.

GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD                 4.39

Grilled chicken added to garden greens.

ANTIPASTO SALAD                          4.69

Diced pepperoni, genoa salami, mozzarella cheese, black olives and banana peppers added to garden greens.              
EXTRA DRESSING                             .40

HOT BOLOGNA                                3.29
And we are talking “HOT”.  We won’t even serve without you trying the homemade fire sauce.  Topped your way.

MAKE IT YOUR WAY                         4.59
White or wheat bakery bread with your choice of two meats and two cheeses, topped your way. Hot or cold.

SALAD SANDWICH                            
Your choice of egg, chicken, tuna or pimento cheese salad.  
TEXAS TOAST                                  3.79

WHITE OR WHEAT BREAD                4.29

GRILLED CHEESE                             2.99

PEPSI PRODUCTS  16oz-1.59/20oz 1.89   

FRESH BREWED SWEET & UNSWEET TEA     16oz- 1.29/20oz-1.59

          LOOK FOR OUR DAILY                          SPECIALS!



5”   KAISER                                    3.59
PLATTER       (5” w/ side dish)       4.99
6”   SUB                                         3.89
12” SUB                                         6.99   

                   DELI BURGERS

AMERICAN                                     3.29

Quarter pound burger with 2 thick slices of American cheese, with your choice of toppings.

PIZZA                                            3.49
Quarter pound burger with 2 layers pizza sauce, mozz cheese and sweet banana peppers.

MUSHROOM & SWISS                     3.49   Quarter pound burger with mushrooms, swiss cheese and mayo.

PHILLY                                         3.59
Quarter pound burger with sautee’d onions,green pep,mushrooms & cheese. Choice of may/must.


STEAK & SWISS        9” 3.99   12” 7.99
100% sirloin steak with swiss cheese and your choice of toppings.

PIZZA ROLLS                           (3)  3.69

                               additional $1 each
Unique treat!  Hard rolls with fresh pizza sauce, sandwich size pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.  

H & C Sliders                           (3)  3.69

                                additional $1 each
Hard rolls with shaved ham, cheese, pickles,   mayo & mustard.  

LONGHORN GRILL                          3.39
Grilled chicken breast topped with sautee’d onions, longhorn cheese and mayo.  

Our way w/ham,swiss & ital/mayo mix                                                          3.79
Cheese and your choice of toppings                                                              3.19

PERSONAL PIZZA                           3.79
              2 TOPPINGS MAXIMUM

Our Menu

                                             6”      12”

STALLION                            4.19     7.49
Shaved ham, genoa salami, pepperoni, sweet banana peppers, onions, cheese, lettuce and italian dressing.

PHILLY BEEF                       4.09     7.29
Shaved roast beef, sautee’d onions, green peppers, mushrooms and cheeses with your choice of mayo, mustard or both.
TURKEY & CHEESE             3.99     7.09
Shaved turkey breast and cheese with your choice of fresh toppings.

HAM & CHEESE                  3.59     6.39
Shaved ham and cheese with your choice of fresh toppings.

RUEBEN                            4.29     7.69
Delectable combination of shaved lean corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese topped with thousand island dressing.

PIZZA SUB                        3.49      6.19
Fresh pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese with you choice of ONE topping; pepperoni, sausage, onions, banana peppers, black olives, ham, jalapeno peppers, green peppers & mushroom. EACH  additional topping is .25/.50

VEGGIE SUB                    3.59       6.39
Three cheeses with mushrooms, onions, black olives, green peppers, banana peppers, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo and mustard.

SPICY BBQ RIB                3.99       7.09
Boneless pork rib cooked in homemade “HOT” bbq sauce. 

CHICKEN & CHEESE        3.99       7.09
Shaved oven roasted chicken breast and cheese with your choice of fresh toppings.

BUFFALO CHICKEN        4.09       7.29
Shaved oven roasted chicken breast , buffalo sauce, pickles, lettuce, cheddar & buffalo ranch


                WITHOUT NOTICE