We use only the best ingredients that keep customers coming back.

Our Story

Deli Fresh started with our simple, yet scrumptuous pizza rolls in the deli of our convenience store in Shrewsbury WV.  In 1990, we closed up the convenience store and took a shot at moving to Charleston and adding some menu items which included our now popular Stallion and Philly Beef.  Our new location at 808 Greenbrier street was simply take out only.  To our pleasure and surprise, we stayed busy and decided it was time to take the next step.  in 1992 we made the move to our current location and I would like to quote my husband David, "I don't know if we will have enough business to make it in this location."  Well, the rest is history so to speak.

We are quite blessed to be working with our daughter and son (inlaw) in continuing to build our business.  They are not only our partners currently, but will be the "new" face of Deli Fresh in the years to come!

We love all our customers and consider a majority of them to be more like family rather than simply customers.  Our sincere desire is to provide outstanding customer service and the freshest, tastiest food possible.  Thank you for making Deli Fresh the success that it is today!